How to Clean a Grill Barbecue? Explained Here

We need to talk. It’s about your hygiene. There have been some smells that are not nice, a lot of gunk in the wrong places, and overall, we think your grill needs some serious attention. Wait, did you think we were talking about you? If that was

Don’t Be Chicken-Barbecue Time

Don’t Be Chicken-Barbecue Time Let’s be honest. People are scared to do chicken barbecue. Why? Because most of the time it tastes as bland as a conversation with an actual chicken. The easiest way to not cook bland chicken is to have beef.

Killer Barbecue Side Dishes

Killer Barbecue Side Dishes So, you have your meats for barbecue selected and the drinks on ice. Wait, you think you’re done? Sure, people are coming to see how good you are cooking them meats, but come on! We need some side dishes! A killer

Cheesy Mushroom Burger

Some vegetarian option… Ok, so, you’re having a barbecue, and someone asks if they can bring a friend or their partner. Sounds great, right? The more, the merrier. But there’s a catch. The person is a vegetarian. Stop screaming and/or

A Must Barbecue-Grilling Rules

A Must Barbecue-grilling rules. Anyone that tells you that grilling isn’t like preparing for war is crazy. However, if you are putting on full fatigues and camo face paint before you grill, then maybe you might be the one that is a bit off. So,

Independence (Day) from COVID-19 BBQ

We know that this 4th July is going to be different, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and enjoy. Sure, we might not get our independence (day) back from COVID-19 anytime soon but that doesn’t mean we can’t have good BBQ food