A Must Barbecue-Grilling Rules

A Must Barbecue-Grilling Rules

A Must Barbecue-grilling rules. Anyone that tells you that grilling isn’t like preparing for war is crazy. However, if you are putting on full fatigues and camo face paint before you grill, then maybe you might be the one that is a bit off.

So, it might not be war, but there is still a heck of a lot of prep that goes into cooking on a grill. You can’t just turn it on and cook; there are steps. There are things you need to look out for and do ahead of time to ensure that you are getting a primo barbecue experience. We are not half-assing this…we are whole assing it.

The first cardinal must barbecue-grilling rules is never leaving your post.

The first cardinal barbecue-grilling rules is never leaving your post.

This patch of land your grill sits on is your post. When you are cooking on that holy ground, you can not leave. In that case, it’s best to have everything that you need within reach. You will need your utensils, the food, clean plates to put the cooked food on, some beer (maybe), seasons and sauces or marinades that you are brushing on. Also, beer. We may have said that before, but it’s doubly important. A note, the beer can be replaced with your drink of choice. It could be milk if you want it to be, just have it there.

This is all part of being organized. The last thing that your cooking meats need is you abandoning them to be overcooked because you forgot some tongs. Makes sure you have everything you need at hand. Just follow this grilling rules and you will be ok.

Another important and must barbecue-grilling rule is fuel.

Another important barbecue-grilling rule is fuel.

I know that sounds like a “no duh” kind of statement, but there have been times when a griller has gone to their post, reached for the bag of charcoal and felt it to be WAY to light. Or they turned on the gas to hear nothing. No number of sparks little light air. Check your fuel well before you cook.

We all love the taste of a good barbecue, but we can’t rush it. You can’t just turn the heat on and cook. You have to get that grill preheated for the best outcome.  If you are using gas grill than you are going to want your grill, with the lid closed to reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit (300-320 degrees Celsius for folks living outside of the US, Myanmar, and Liberia). If you are using charcoal grill, then just let those bad boys burn off until they get that nice grey ashy film on them. Then you are ready to cook.

Just like a boxing match, let’s keep it clean as well, eh?

Just like a boxing match, let’s keep it clean as well, eh?

A must Barbecue-Grilling rules is cleaning! No one is going to want to eat your tasty food creations if when you open the grill to cook, it looks like your grill has been a home for methed out racoons for the entire year. You should ideally be cleaning your grill twice, once after you’ve preheated the grill and again after you finished. It’s about keeping your grill in fantastic working order as well as keeping any remaining particulars from previous cooking OUT of your current culinary delights.

And a MUST barbecue-grilling rules is Stay Lubricated!


Ok, that doesn’t mean that YOU have a drink. But go ahead, you deserve it. I’m talking about the grate and plates that you are cooking on. Soak some paper towel in some oil, as long as it’s cooking oil, and not motor oil obviously, and give the surfaces a good rub down. Some people also like to use bacon for this, but I would rather cook the bacon, so I use oil. BBQ rules

The rest comes down to what you are cooking but remember that it’s better to flip your food on the grill and never stab it with a meat fork. If you stab it, you’ll lose a lot of those drool-inducing juices from your food. Make sure to give things a good basting, depending on the food, and always let your meat rest before eating. You don’t want to slave over the grill only to serve up the cutting board. Let the meat rest it won’t go cold it’ll just become even better!

Last tip and essential grilling rule? Enjoy. But you didn’t need us to tell you that.

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