Barbecue Chicken – How to Grill a Chicken

Barbecue Chicken – How to Grill a Chicken

Barbeque Chicken – How to Grill a Chicken

Grilling up a bunch of chicken drumsticks, thighs, or whole legs can be an excellent alternative to chicken breast’s daily consumption. The dark chicken meat does not dry out quickly and is full of delicious flavors. However, chicken legs can be tough to cook on the grills. Before cooking chicken’s legs, there are plenty of things you need to consider, as these can burn out quickly.

Moreover, if you want to cook a chicken on the grill, which should be delicious and juicy, you need to think about your cooking style. Many regional and global cooking styles and preparation techniques are there to make the best BBQ chicken recipes as these chickens are often coated or seasoned in barbecue sauce or spice rub and can be both also.

Many people use marinades to tenderize the meat and adding a new level of flavors. But cooking a delicious BBQ chicken, it needs time and patience to bring out the best flavors. Although if you new in cooking chickens or how to cook a perfect chicken on grills, then you have come to the right place. We have enlisted some tips on grilling chicken legs without blazing them.


• Even Out Chicken Legs

Even before you hit the chicken on the grill, you can improve your chances of chicken leg success by setting your meat correctly to cook evenly. 

  • Size: First thing, you need to keep in mind that you should buy the same size as the chicken legs. So, you will be sure that they will cook at equal speed and you do not need to worry about the smaller pieces. 


  • Temperature: If you are using a frozen chicken on the grill, then you should ensure that the meat should be defrosted first before putting on the grill. So it makes sure that the heat will penetrate straight to the center of the chicken leg; however if you are using fresh meat than you must let it come to room temperature.


  • Thickness – To equalize the bones in thighs, lay the chicken pieces on a flat surface and press them down with the help of your hands. Although with boneless thighs might have thin slices at each end, you can fold it under to make it even thicker.
Even Out Chicken Legs

• Remove The Fat for better Barbecue Chicken

Chicken skin has the vicious habit of sticking with the grill, so you may have to consider using the skinless chicken to avoid this kind of a mess. Moreover, skinless chicken is much easier to work with other than chicken with skin. These are better for marinating as you can score the chicken flesh, so it absorbs all the spices and flavors. However, if you like to eat crispy chicken skin, you do not need to lose the skin entirely.

You have to make sure that you trim the chicken leg pieces very carefully to get free from any small parts hanging off. Extra skin will burn out quickly, effecting the fire ups that will put more scorches on the rest of the chicken. Be sure that you remove the excess skin, which you think is easy to get rid of, and another thing you need to remove is chicken fat. These fats will be on the chicken muscle; you make sure you remove to enjoy your BBQ chicken recipes to its fullest taste.

Remove The Fat for better Barbecue Chicken

• Properly Grease Up The Meat

The great way to prevent your chicken piece from burning, and you need to ensure that it does not stick with the hot grill. You have to brush the grill with cooking spray or oil before heating the grill. Another good idea is to soak your chicken pieces in an oil-based marinade or brush oil on all sides of your meat before putting it on the grill.

It will help you to avoid the chance of sticking the meat to the grills. We assure you that if you are following these steps, you can make delicious BBQ chicken recipes and will enjoy your day with a juicy and crispy chicken. However, greasing the meat will let it absorb all the flavors and spices, and when you put it on the grill, you will felt the flavors are mixing well, giving it a proper definition of barbecue chicken

• Do Watch The Heat

Many barbecue users make the most common mistake by placing the chicken directly on the flames or cranking up the grill heat. The result, burnt legs and bitter taste on the outside and uncooked on the inside. Due to the heat does not penetrate the meat well because of these silly mistakes. To make sure you cook the meat perfectly, then a two-step method or two-temperature would be the best option for you.

If you are using the gas-fueled BBQ grill, then turn on half of your burner on high flames and leave other burners off. For a few minutes, place the meat thighs or legs directly on the heat and changing its position after a few minutes, and sear them perfectly. After that, put them on indirect heat, and close the lid. Cook it slow and on low heat until they are meat is perfectly cooked. However, if you prefer using a charcoal grill, you can stack up the charcoal on one side and get the same result. 

Do Watch The Heat

• Use The Sauce for your Barbecue Chicken

If you are thinking of coating your meat in BBQ sauce, you should not start pouring the sauce earlier as the sauce contains a higher percentage of sugar that can catch up with the heat and ruin your BBQ chicken recipes. You need to ensure that your meat is perfectly cooked and has 10 minutes remaining on the grill then put your barbecue sauce; this will bring a more tangy and sweet taste to your chicken. However, if you put the sauce earlier, the liquid will dry out, and the sugar will burn the chicken and ruin the taste.

Above mentioned are tips to keep in mind while making your BBQ chicken recipes, and if you follow these correctly, these will improve the taste of your BBQ chicken. 

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