How to Clean a Grill Barbecue? Explained Here

How to Clean a Grill Barbecue? Explained Here

We need to talk. It’s about your hygiene. There have been some smells that are not nice, a lot of gunk in the wrong places, and overall, we think your grill needs some serious attention.

Wait, did you think we were talking about you? If that was even a thought, I would say go have a shower because that’s a worry.

If you use your grill often, there is a chance that your dear friend the barbecue needs a little TLC. No, not Table, Ladders, and Chairs. This isn’t the WWE. We are talking tender love and care or in the grilling world The Love Cleaning! Ok, no one calls it that. I made it up. I’m trying to make it a thing.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that keeping the grill clean makes it perform like a finely tuned race car and you like the car’s driving champion. What’s not to love? There are a lot of old myths about how to keep your barbecue in perfect working order, but we are going to give you the straight poop. No. I mean the real talk about it. Please don’t poop on your grill. I shouldn’t have to explain why that is a bad idea.

how to clean a grill

So, Here is How to Clean a Grill Barbecue. Let’s get started.

Now, this type of clean isn’t about just cleaning the grill or the plates. No. We are going to get into all the nooks and crannies. This is going to get dirty, so before we clean a grill, lay down a tarp. How big should the tarp be? Think about how big the tarp should be if you were an assassin and didn’t want to leave any evidence. That should be big enough. It should also be a worry to any annoying neighbor if you already own this big of a tarp.

It’s time to soap up. Not you. Get a bucket and fill it with hot soapy water. You are going to give this grill the bath you would give a newborn. But with less crying. Unless you kick your toe or something, then there might be more.

how to clean a grill

Now, unless you like to live your life like your Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible movie, maybe disconnect the gas before you get started with your clean a grill job.

It might even be time to take the gas to get refilled, run some boiling water over the shoulder of the tank. This will show you the level of gas. Obviously, if you are using a charcoal grill, you can ignore this part. But I will say that you should take any coals in the grill out. I shouldn’t have to say it, but I can only imagine the emails I will get if I forget.

Scrappy scrap time! Get a wire grill brush and get that elbow grease into the grease and gunk that has built up on your grill. You can also soak and of your ash catchers, grease pans, and any other parts that come off in soapy water for easy cleaning.

If you can remove your burner tubes, that would be great, but a lot of grills don’t give you that option so if you can’t remove it, wrap it in foil to try to keep the water falling into it to a minimum. Again, charcoal users…. just remove the coals. Easy.

how to clean a grill

When was the last time you looked under your grill? Do you know How to Clean a Grill Barbecue?

You might be in for a shock with all the carbonized goodies waiting for you under there. Just like your own shower, it’s good to clean the downstairs on your grill as well.

The next step is to scrub, clean, and dry. It’s important to dry all the parts of the grill before you put them back on so that they don’t rust. Now your barbecue is looking brand new and ready for that next grill session.

Maybe wait a little while though, let it be pretty for a few days.

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