Welcome Barbecue Lovers

Welcome Barbecue Lovers

Welcome Barbecue Lovers!

If you are here, then you are all about that grill-life. The Thrill to Grill. You’re a griller-killer! Or maybe you want to be.

 You could be one of those people that no matter what you cook on the grill comes out black on the outside and raw in the middle. We’ve all been there. And we’re here to help you.

Grills are just fun devices that we can buy and stick in the back yard or on the deck. They are a way of life.  Any chump can buy a grill, but only those with skill can actually grill. Should you use charcoal or gas? Direct or indirect heat? Lid open or lid closed?

frozen chicken bbq

If any of those questions filled you with dread, then you might want to start with the basics that we offer.

If you yelled at the screen your answer when you read them, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but you might want to tone it down, people will start to think you have a problem.

So, welcome barbecue lovers, now you can judge a person by their grill. If they have a charcoal grill, they are a patient person. They know that real flavor takes time, consideration, and love. They may also love to server their BBQ creations with craft beer and artisanal bread.

The person that has a gas grill is something that is interested in precise control and knowing exactly when they are going to be eating. They will serve their BBQ creations with creative sides and a sweet tipple of a well-aged wine or top-shelf liquor.

There’s the third type of griller, and that’s the one that was gifted one or the other kind of grill and uses it maybe once a year.

Welcome Barbecue Lovers

I could also write about those with those woodfire pizza ovens in their backyards, but are they really grillers or BBQ masters? "Welcome barbecue lovers!"

More of a person that likes to take up a lot of space for an appliance that does ONE thing. Not shaming them, just pointing out that a pizza stone can fit in any grill, but it’s hard to do a burger in a pizza oven.

And no, smokers, I haven’t forgotten about you. You are a special breed. People who have their own smokers and love to smoke different types of meat are patient and caring people. What they do is an art and should be appreciated. But it too isn’t grilling.

So, that brings me back to the charcoal and gas people. I don’t have a preference for either; both have their pros and cons, both have their distinct flavors, both are better than using a non-stick pan in a hot kitchen in the middle of the summer.


What you are going to learn in these pages are the tips and tricks to making killer BBQ and grill creations.

We have talked with people from all over the world to get their recipes, tips, and stories so that you know what to do and a few things defiantly NOT to do.

For now, I want you to know that we are a group of people that welcome everyone. We grill meat, we grill veg, and we’ll even make sure that there is an area of the grill for your tofu or soy patties. To top it off we won’t even roll our eyes when a guest asks for their well done. We’ll keep that inside.

For now, browse and enjoy. Welcome to your new community!

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